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Pulled pork skin Empty Pulled pork skin

Post  riha on Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:09 am


Here in Finland they don't have "pork butt". I'm a bit hazy about how they define different cuts of pork shoulder around here. Anyway, the thing they call "frontback" (liberally translated) was on discount and I know it's the upper portion of pork shoulder since it had a piece of spine and remnants of ribs still attached that I cut off myself. There also is the skin and a thick layer of fat. I included some photos.

So my question would be what to do with the fat if I want to make pulled pork out of this? It seems to me to be a bit thick layer to leave on, so should I just cut it off and save it for making lard? Or should the skin be on?

And if somebody knows how this cut relates to "prok butt" I would be interested in knowing...

Here's the cut
Pulled pork skin Kokona10
Pulled pork skin Kokona11

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Pulled pork skin Empty Re: Pulled pork skin

Post  Mike_P_in_Tucson on Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:13 pm

It looks like a pork butt to me. Check this website, it gives a couple of pictures that show what the bone looks like:


I would cut most of the fat away, leaving 1/4 inch or less. Most of that will render out during cooking.

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