Just got my new Excel 20 a few quality issues

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Just got my new Excel 20 a few quality issues

Post  ribrub on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:23 pm

Hello everyone

This my first post and I apologise in advance for a slightly negative start!

Just taken delivery of my Excel 20, I was very excited, but, I have some quality issues. Firstly the new Porcelain finish is poor, quite rough and resembling ogange peel and fairly dull, (compaired with Weber) secondly, where one of the probe eyelets has been fitted the porcelain had been chipped and it has been painted over with a brush.
The lip of the lid has had the same treatment in places, there are plenty of blemishes in the finish and some drips. One of the legs had not been bent correctly at the fixing, this made getting the screw head to sit flush quite difficult without some modification.

Minor observations.
The tags on the dampers are very short, quite sharp and very close to the bowl.
The doors are smaller than I had imagined and do not seal too well, there are gaps around the leading edge that will allow air to ingress.
The temperature gauge is way off the mark, but then most of the factory ones are?, which begs the question, if you have to buy a more accurate digital temperature gauge, why fit a gauge you can't rely on?

Overall, I think it's a decent bit of kit, the grates are heavier gauge than I had expected and everything fitted together well, with the exception of one leg mentioned above. The Packaging is good and offers a decent level of protection. It has some great features over and above the WSM, something which I am sure will bug the hell out of them.


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Re: Just got my new Excel 20 a few quality issues

Post  Mack on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:51 pm

Hi Martin,

Sorry to hear there are a few blemishes... please send me images using ian@macsbbq.co.uk
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