"Man Camp II - days of thunder!

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"Man Camp II - days of thunder!

Post  Don Marco on Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:47 pm


I just got back today from another "Man Camp" hosted by Hasseroeder Brewerys over here in germany.

Heres the link to the first camp :


Our mission was basicly the same this time, cook a snack for the guys when they come back from their action packed day and then let them cook for us while we drink beer, give hints and then judge to whole stuff

This time was special though, as the event was held at the Eurospeedway near Dresden.
Somehow my teammate Manfred and i managed to get the chance and drive formula 3 race cars with the guys who won the hasseroeder competition this time !

So here we are in the Pit Lane getting ready for a hell of a ride !

Me and my buddy Manfred

We might look a little doubtful here since after all this for sure wont be low & slow

And then we were in the cockpits and the blood pressure went sky high

Heres a small video of the starting of the engines



The moment when the engines started was awesome. Never felt that much force and heard a sound like that this close before. When we hit the pedal it was like being out of this world.
We drove 10 Laps with a total of ~25 miles and it was over way too fast.
The first round was kinda safe and sane but after that the it was pedal to the metal

Okay, Back to Business...

After a drink & showe we went back to the camp ground and prepared fot the BBQ. Cooked a couple of pork loins for the teams as a snack and then distributed the grills, tools and food among the 10 tents for the teams.

...suddenly the beer both opened !

Quality Control...

Then the teams came and got their pork loin in a bun with some cole slaw and BBQ Sauce.

Made some goat cheese and veggies cause there were 2 Vegans among the guys. Hey, wasnt this supposed to be "Man Camp" ?

Then the event started. We briefed the teams and they started preparing and cooking the food. They got pork tenderloin, some veggies, ciabatta, spices and marinade ingredients.

So they made marinates...

...and marinated themselves...

...while we were there with a beer in our hand and giving some hints.

Heres the plates we got for judging

The food was great again, nothing was bad at all and some pieces of tenderloin were really phantastic. The guys also were creative with the plate design, especially gives their limited background and groceries. And blood alcohol level.

Heres the winning plate. Not too fancy but the food looked great on its own and the flavour and texture of the food was very good.

Heres the happy winners team

This was another great weekend of BBQ, Beer and friends and the opportunity to drive those race cars on the track made it really special.

So long,

Don Marco
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good to see you again

Post  Chicago Jack on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:54 pm

Hey hey, where you been? Good to see you and your exploits back on the forum.Welcome back from Chicago Jack

Chicago Jack
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