New toys: burger maker and mini charcoal grill

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New toys: burger maker and mini charcoal grill

Post  gandalf on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:26 pm

These turned up this morning. Tried them out but was too busy/excited to take pics, I'll take some later/tomorrow.

Burger press attachment for my sausage stuffer:-

Available here:-

Mini charcoal grill:-

Available here:-

The burger maker is pretty clever and made some nice perfectly round burgers, but it was much slower and more awkward than this with just one person. The burgers are BIG (10cm across and 3/4 inches thick weighing in at about 1/3 lb each). Had 2 in rolls with some cheese, grilled onions and tomato for lunch and I was stuffed :-)

Had trouble lighting the grill, but I think that's cos I only filled one side with charcoal. Once I got it going it was fine and grilled the burgers perfect. I got it because I live alone but like to cook my dinners outside in the summer. I've been using the frontier to grill chops, burgers, steaks etc. but I have to use an disproportionation amount of charcoal to what I cook. This uses a pretty small amount of charcoal so is perfect for me. You could get away with cooking dinner for 2 on it, 3 tops I would think. Pics later :-)
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