help with gas grill smoking

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help with gas grill smoking

Post  Flyguy on Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:27 pm

I am a newbie to the whole smoking experience. I just purchased the Cold Smoker 111 for my CharBroil gas grill and need some advise on how to get the best from this setup. Where do I place the protein? Do I use an indirect cooking method? Do I use a water pan? I have used a metal wood box before, but found this to be a hit or miss method. That is why I chose the Cold Smoker 111. I plan to do ribs and salmon some time today, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Flyguy

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Re: help with gas grill smoking

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:38 pm

Hello flyguy
Welcome to the site. You say you have got a cold smoker 111 I guess you are talking about a cold smoke generator if so you will only be able to cold smoke with this. Not cook anything as the cold smoke generator is disigned for cold smoking by using a tea light to ignite the dust which is held in the cold smoke generator once the dust is lit you then remove the tea light and the dust will then burn around the generator and produce cold smoke for cold smoking cheese butter nuts etc etc you can cold smoke fish and meat which can then be cooked later on or at a later date if you wanted. for more information about cold smoking using the Cold Smoke Generator CSG look at our site under cold smoking.

Some important points to remember:
•Cold smoking is done at temperature between 10°C - 32°C (50°F - 90°F) and idealy at 24°C - 26°C. Do not try to cold smoke at higher temperatures.
•Only use containers that are made from either glass, food grade plastic or high quality Stainless Steel for preparing meats.
•Use the best and freshest meat/ fish, preferably organic.
•Don't use woods that have been treated, or come from an unknown source.


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