types of charcoal

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types of charcoal

Post  Rob James on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:54 am

Hi all

I have had my Pro Q for 12 months or so and seem to get lots of ash on long burns ,so much it clogs up the base and restricts airflow therefore a rise in temp . Should I just empty it during the burn or am I using a low grade briquett any suggestions.....Rob

Rob James
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Re: types of charcoal

Post  Mack on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:23 pm

Hi Rob,

It sounds like it's the grade of briquette... the cheaper ones contain fillers, these cause ash. I use a mixture 50/50 of briquettes and lumpwood, which seems to work. You may also try cocoshell briquettes (we are running an offer on these now) http://www.smokingbbq.co.uk/product/5_x_5Kg_Cocoshell_charcoal_bbq_briquettes_4100641-5 which makes it a bit more viable.
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