Spicy Meatballs in Sussex

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Spicy Meatballs in Sussex Empty Spicy Meatballs in Sussex

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:49 pm

Waheyy .. what a fantastic place this looks like. Barbecuing is one of my favourite things, so I'm pleasantly surprised to a find a whole forum dedicated to the subject, and smoking in particular.

I'm a big American Football fan, and have been treated to some incredible tailgate parties in the US, which has heightened my desire to do more than plain old English Grill. Especially so after I saw a TV documentary following teams that dedicated a whole weekend to a massive cook-off. Jealous or what? So I got my first smoker earlier this year (Amigo Pro Q), and have been trying it out every weekend since. I've already added an extra stacker for more capacity (catering for 20+ next week).

Pull pork, Ribs and Beer Butt chicken are the favourites so far, but I'm always on the lookout for more recipes. Hoping to try some brisket soon.

Why "Spicy Meatballs"? I got a helping of hellish-hot meatball sauce at my first NFL tailgate, but it took a good 60 seconds to hit after burning through the sweetness. So you could eat 2 or 3 before you realise the damage you've done! The meatballs have since become renowned amongst a group of friends that I travel to NFL games with, and I almost always prepare meatballs as an appetiser when catering for guests. They don't have quite the punch of the ones we get over there, but the US chef is paying me a visit next week and has promised to bring his "secret ingredient", so I have high hopes for the future of meatballs in Sussex.

Looking forward to sharing tips and recipes with you all.


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