The Fuel Chute

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The Fuel Chute

Post  Uncle Jack on Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:13 pm

Greetings fellow Q'ers!

Here is a little something that I "McGyvered" together to help me add fuel during a cook without removing my stacks or leaving the fuel door open so long that I loose a lot of heat while I am forking in a few chunks of charcoal at a time.

I purchased 2 adjustable elbows that are found in most hardware stores in the gas vent section. If memory serves correctly they were under $3 each:

The first thing I did was take a pair of old sissors and cut a small portion, about 4" wide, out of the crimped end of one elbow. I cut out all of the crimped portion of the pipe and squeezed it into an oval shape so that it will fit between the drip pan and the top of the fuel basket:

Next, just take both pieces and put them together:

Now you are ready to go! Adjust the angle of your new FUEL CHUTE to suit your needs, fill the chute with how ever many chunks of fuel you wish to add, open the Q's fuel door, insert the cut out end of your chute and dump in the fuel. Move it where you want it with a long pair on tongs or what ever is handy, and long enough:

There you have it . . . for under 10 bucks and 5 minutes of your time, or using a "Roxy Clock", a couple of pulls off of a beer, you have a Fuel Chute.

Enjoy some sweet smoke, U.J.

Uncle Jack
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Re: The Fuel Chute

Post  bowhnter on Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:25 pm

cheers That's a great Idea U J!
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