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First Run with the Frontier Empty First Run with the Frontier

Post  Celt in Siam on Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:17 am

My Frontier was delivered today so I just had to give it a quick run to season it. In my excitement to get going I forgot to foil the water pan so will need to dig out my marigolds later!

I used around a 1/3 full basket of 6" coconut charcoal sticks using a sort of Minion method with four lit sticks in the middle. I also added some local lamyai fruit wood to help season it. With the unfoiled empty waterpan Sad and both stackers fitted and all vents fully open, the Maverick indicated 215 F within 10 minutes and maxed out at 349 F  in about 40 minutes. The food temp probe was inserted in a spud on the top level and showed about 190F at the 40 minute point so I think it will be well done by the time the coals burn out Very Happy  Unfortunately, the lid thermometer is reading well off - around 20F lower at the 200F mark and more than 50F at the 300F mark. I'm not sure if it can be recalibrated but I will take a look when it cools down.

Pork ribs on the menu for tomorrow so looking forward to see how it holds temperature with some water in the pan.

I took some photos of the charcoal fill but haven't figured out how to upload them yet.

All in all, first impressions are good although the Elite style insulated handles would have been nice.

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