Invicta and Macs team up

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Invicta and Macs team up Empty Invicta and Macs team up

Post  eddie b on Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:15 pm

Hello all, my name is eddie and I am the head pitmaster for Invicta BBQ based in Asford Kent. I am very glad to say that Macs have been extremely kind to sponsor Invicta for the season of 2012. I have been bbq grilling since my early teens, but 5 years ago during a trip to America I've seen the light and discovered Low and Slow, and I haven't looked back since.
I consider myself as a hardcore bbq addict. The Q's that I have are 3 Pro Q's excel 20, Pro Q Maverick and a ugly drum grill.
I am looking forward in discussing many topics with everyone on this site and if I can help in anyway, I will.



eddie b
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