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Post  England Kev on Sun May 15, 2011 10:05 am

Hi, I am a newbie here, so first post alert! Wink

I have used a well modified Brinkmann water smoker for a few years now, and while it has been good, it has obvious faults when used on a regular basis, adding coals, or water are a pain, but overall it was Ok. This year I decided to bite the bullet, or should that be buy the bullet and pulled the trigger on a new ProQ frontier. And from the moment you open the box you can tell it is an impressive bit of kit, although the leg mounting instructions leave a lot to be desired, Ok for me as I work on the tools, but I could see it being confusing for less mechanical types, but this is only a small gripe.
So a week ago I had it all together and gave it the pre use fire up and season with some maple chips for flavour, but was unabble to use it in anger due to work pressures, but today Saturday I thought I may as well fire up the new smoker for the first time, and have a go at some Beef brisket mediterranean style..

At the Frontier...  P607188047

At the Frontier...  P656825342

At the Frontier...  P920002815

our supermarkets only sell small rolled briskets, not the full size ones you get across the pond

At the Frontier...  P635986412

At the Frontier...  P778974272

Sosme Hickory for flavour
At the Frontier...  P1068523760

and five hours later

At the Frontier...  P875536864

At the Frontier...  P1019146248

I also use a well seasoned Weber all year round, as can be seen here with a nice Boston Butt earlier this year..

At the Frontier...  P11969794

At the Frontier...  P84097635


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Post  drsweetsmoke on Mon May 16, 2011 9:20 am

Wow that is beautiful!!!!!! You are going to love your new cooker.

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