Hello from Scotland: Help with first smoke (Pulled pork)

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Hello from Scotland: Help with first smoke (Pulled pork) Empty Hello from Scotland: Help with first smoke (Pulled pork)

Post  SmokerRH on Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:49 pm

Hi all,

Iím looking forward to being involved in this forum. I am completely new to smoking and BBQing so I hope I can pick up some tips and advice here.

I plan to do my first pulled pork on my ProQ Frontier tomorrow. I believe the pork shoulder weighs around 3kg. I have already made a rub and put this over the pork. I plan to take this out of the fridge tonight to get it to room temperature for smoking tomorrow morning.

Below are the questions I have for this. Apologies if some questions are pretty obvious but I think this will help other beginners like myself.

How much coals do you put in coal basket?

I have a Landmann Chimney starter. Would 1 full load from the chimney starter be enough or should I add more at the start of the process?

Best type of coals to use?

How much water should I put in the basin? I believe itís better to add hot water to begin with.

How do you refill water and coals during smoking process?

How much wood chips? It is recommended to add more in during the smoking process?

How long for 3kg Pork shoulder (approx)?

Being from the UK, there is always a high chance of rain. Is it ok for the BBQ to be exposed to the rain when in use or do you use gazebos or others methods to provide shelter?

Which rack/stacker to use? Top or middle?

Most ideal temp in meat when itís ready?

I believe the temperature gets controlled through bottom vents? Any tips on how to control this?

Any other tips for a beginner would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hello from Scotland: Help with first smoke (Pulled pork) Empty Re: Hello from Scotland: Help with first smoke (Pulled pork)

Post  pb.bbq on Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:01 pm

Hello SmokerRH

Sorry for the late reply been a bit busy this end

I hope your cook went well

with regards to your questions

1 Fill your charcoal basket up so it is full. †A chimney starter is good to start the fire but as soon as you have poured the charcoal from the chimney starter into the basket you should then top the basket up with more charcoal so your basket is full.
And then top up the charcoal as needed. †
The length of time can depend on what charcoal you use. We can get 6 to 7 hours from one basket full using restaurant grade charcoal.

2. Fill up the water pan with hot water first to speed up the process.
and check the pan every 4 hours or so as it depends on how hot the fire is underneath.
You fill up the water pan via the door on the top stacker.

3.How much wood chip to use is something you would need to decide for your self as it all depends on your taste. but 2 good handful should be enough. †Wrap the wood chip up in tinfoil and put some hole in the top of the tinfoil then put it onto the charcoal as soon as you put the meat on the BBQ.

4. The length of time depends on each cut of meat.
But allow yourself about 8 to 10 hours for 3 kg.
The most important thing to remember is the internal temp. †
Pulled Pork will be ready when the temp reaches 190 F to 195 F.

5. The unit is fine to leave out in the rain.
that's the beauty of the smoker you have not got to stand
over the BBQ while its in use.
But if it is really cold it may effect the cooking time.

6. With regard to which stacker to use it does not matter
which one so you can use either. The temp above the water is about the same.

7. With regards to control. The water pan will regulate the temp.
Water will only go to boiling point and not above. The vents are to regulate the air flow into the BBQ.
Closing the air vents slightly will lengthen the burn time.
But closing them completely will prevent any air flow to the fire and the fire will go out.

I hope this was helpful

and i will look forward to seeing some photos of your cooks

Happy smoking

from Paul
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