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Post  Admin on Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:17 am

Please enter real names and details, such as location where possible, as we get quite a few spammers trying to join and as this is an open forum we don't want any unsavory content on it.

What you can do:

Have fun
Post often
Share experiences, BBQ, and life.
Leave any attitude at the door.
Be yourself.

What you cannot do:

Sign on with a fake email address.We do not spam or sell our email list.This prevents spammers from posting on our forum.
NO personal attacks.
NO attacks of any kind. If the post has a negative comment of any kind towards a member, or is strictly there to antagonize, it will be deleted and you will receive a warning.
Use vulgar or offensive language.
Advertise. We have an advertising program, just ask.
Post any type of porn or other illegal materials.

We reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time

Thank You.

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