Smoking cold Xmas!

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Smoking cold Xmas! Empty Smoking cold Xmas!

Post  blunder1983 on Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:40 pm

Hey guys!

I love BBQ so as pressie for my Dad I got him the cold smoker kit this xmas (its totally a present for me in disguise!) unfortunately I ordered the home curing book from Amazon and it got lost in the post so were not going to have any guidance on what to do in terms of smoking stuff.

If we're intending to cook the food can we just put bacon and sausage and the like in the smoker for a few hours? And then cook it? Newbie question I know! I just want to be able to have some stuff for us to play with on the day, I read on one post that edam works well? And chillis and garlic seem to be a good shout too!

I'm totally novice to this hope you dont mind the stupid questions which have probably been asked countless times before!


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Smoking cold Xmas! Empty Re: Smoking cold Xmas!

Post  Mack on Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:42 am

Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum.
You can cold smoke any food prior to cooking it, as you suggest.
Any Cheese is good, I usually smoke mine for around 3 hours, the thing to remember is to leave it to rest for around 24 hours before sampling it. Try Cheap Cheddar, or Edam. Have a grate Christmas.

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