tribute to texas

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tribute to texas

Post  zino on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:04 am

Texas brisket, burnt ends, home-made smoked sausages

L&S @ 105°C

50% hickory 50% oak

Brisket 11h
Burnt ends 13h
Sausages 4h


Home made smoked sausages
It’s almost impossible to find somewhere THE recipe of THE texas smoked sausage. You search either on the web or in famous pitmasters’ books, and you find pallets of different versions, due to the mix between beef and pork ground meat, due to changes in spices, the use of liquid “add in” ingredients, the length and diameter and so on.
IMO this is anything than the beautiful thing of the sausages: every cook has his own.
I decided for a mix of 80% beef and 20% pork.
So I went to the local butcher a couple of days before the cookout and asked for 3 kg of meat.
“Is that all?” he asked me
“no” I said “while you continue serving your customer I would like to come behind the bench to play with the stuffing machine”
And that’s what I did: 2 version of sausages, one “natural” and one enriched with tomato and cheese.
Ingredients: the meat mix, salt (2% of the meat weight, therefore 60 grams), round pepper, paprika, chopped garlic, fresh oregano, nutmeg and a good cup of worchestershire.
The smell of the mix is fantastic

The enriched version was added with cheese and tomato
The stuffing machine is ready

Here they come


Did a 36 hours brine with water and salt (50 grams per litre)
The day before patted dry and covered with a mix 50-50 of mustard and honey, then evenly rubbed with my home made favourite rub. Placed in the fridge overnight.
Early in the morning injected with vegetable bouillon (that was cooled down to room temperature). I injected 20% of the weight of the brisket, almost 2 and a half cups.

I mixed well a paste of 330g Manitoba flour, 6g fresh yeast and 160 g water. Then put in the oven at 40°C for 3 hours.
Then mixed with the rest of the ingredients: 1kg flour, 13g yeast, 13g white sugar, 15g salt, 25g butter, 20g milk, 400g water and 15g corn starch.
Let leaven again for 3 hours in the oven (the paste shall be covered with a slightly wet canvas) and put in the pan (I used 2 plum cake molds)

7:30 am the brisket starts

Smoke for 4 hours then waiting the internal temperature of 163°F to wrap

Time for putting the sausages in the smoker

They have been smoked for 2 hours then cooked for other 2 hours

The bread cooks in the kettle. The molds were covered with aluminium foil, that’s I guess why the bread is not that brown

But smells good

After 11 hours the brisket is at 195 F

I separate the flat from the point

The moisture is fantastic

I put the flat back in the foil and let it rest for a couple of hours before carving.
Used the 2 hours to overcook the point in order to prepare the burnt ends: I cut the point in byte size square cubes and put in a pan, then pour on a cup of the brisket juices. After the firs hour I poured a cup of bbq sauce. I feel already the flavour overboost!

After 2 hours was time to feed my friends!

burnt ends


The enriched ones were unbelievable.
Look at the cheese

ciao ciao,
See you next time
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Re: tribute to texas

Post  Treegje on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:02 pm

Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring and looks extremely juicy...
I regret not living in the vicinity
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Re: tribute to texas

Post  Jonesey73 on Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:51 am

Zino - that looks great ... awesome smoke ring on that Brisket, and the smoked sausage sounds good too.

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Re: tribute to texas

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