Cold cherry Smoked cured Jack Daniels Salmon

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Cold cherry Smoked cured Jack Daniels Salmon

Post  Don Marco on Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:26 pm


Cold Smoked Salmon is awesome - and expensive.

Heres how you can do a way better product than the store bought salmon at home for 1/4 of the costs.

This is a 3 pound half salmon (skin on ) from Norway. I cured it with Kosher salt, brown sugar, pepper and Dill, basted it with some Jack Daniels and smoked it over cherry sawdust with the Pro-Q Cold Smoke Generator.

After rinsing and drying you need to pull all remaining bones out. If you have a good fishmonger there will be none or just a few.

I mixed 1 cup kosher salt with 1/2 cup brown sugar and ground up some black pepper and added it to the mix. Then i spread that all over the salmon and rubbed it in a bit. Then i covered the whole thing with dried Dill and wrapped it in foil.
You need to put this into the coldest part of your refrigerator and put some weight on it. I used some cedar planks to distribute the weight of a sixpack of beer.
Important : Let it cure for 48-60 hours and turn it over once about every 12 hours.

The salt will pull some juices out of the fish.

After 48-60 hours, clean the salmon under running water and pat it dry.It should look like this

Then i basted the salmon and myself a couple of times with some gentleman Jack

Let the Jack dry a bit between each coating and do not lick it off the Salmon.

Heres the CSG about halfway filled with cherry sawdust. This gives about 4-5 hours of constant cold smoke.

Talk about COLD smoking...

Because it was freezing outside i had a fist sized lump of charcoal in the egg wich i lighted with the Looftlighter. It kept slowly burning and kept the Temps inside up. ( The Thermapen reads Celsius)

After 5 hours of Smoke i pulled the Salmon off the egg, basted it with an EVOO/Jack Daniels mixture and covered it with Dill again. Its important to not slice it directly after smoking, as it definately needs a night in the fridge to get the flavours distributed.
The smell was wonderful and the waiting was the hardest part...

So, after the looooooooooooong wait it was finally time to slice the salmon

The cherry smoke is perfect for the salmon with dill and Jack Daniels.

Thanks to the foodsaver i will have some happy family and friends.

The Salmon is very very tender and is perfect on sliced bread with butter, cream cheese and Onions.
Wish i had a bagel around here..

So long

Don Marco
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Re: Cold cherry Smoked cured Jack Daniels Salmon

Post  Mack on Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:43 pm

Excellent post DM, Looks good enough to eat!

Not sure I could resist licking the JD of the fillet though
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Re: Cold cherry Smoked cured Jack Daniels Salmon

Post  Treegje on Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:17 pm

Wow excellent job, that had to be good
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Re: Cold cherry Smoked cured Jack Daniels Salmon

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