BBQ Cooking - Chicken & Bacon (Wanted)

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BBQ Cooking - Chicken & Bacon (Wanted)

Post  langy01 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:35 pm


Sorry if I have put this in the wrong section but as its a recipe I'm after it may be one to share with everyone.

A little about myself first.

I've just bought a new Cadac BBQ which comes with the plates etc to use whilst away in the Caravan. I am mainly looking to cook on the Grill and hot plate but also use the actual BBQ grill on the odd occasion. My two children and myself are very fussy not eating fruit or veg but the wife does. So I'm looking to create a better meal rather than just plain old boring sausages or burgers.

I am looking for a recipe to use for chicken, cubes or the small fillets as they tend to cook nice and quickly. Everyone likes bacon but the kids may not eat the chicken with bacon so need to have options. We are not really in to much of the seasonings like red peppers etc but would consider using something simple that we can use time and time again to spice it up a little.

I've searched around and not really found anything for the fussy eaters like us.

We often go away on a Friday evening and return on the Sunday so even something that I could put together in a small tub to place in the Caravan Fridge on a Thursday night to use over the weekend on the grill would be ideal. Just to add to the list using some form of potatoes that could be cooked on the grill or within the recipe would be excellent to make a full meal all in one go.

Thanks in advance.


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