New to BBQ - My First Brisket - with pics

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New to BBQ - My First Brisket - with pics

Post  rbadger on Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:52 pm

Got my ProQ Excel 20 last week (as an early birthday gift from my wife and kids) and experimented briefly with a chicken and then some ribs and decided it was time to try some brisket. Got around a 6# brisket and seasoned it up with some Weber BBQ seasoning and a bit of "Salt Lick" (near Austin, TX) dry rub (lots of cayenne):

Started up the charcoal (used Kingsford) around 7:20am using the minion method (probably didn't need to use the minion for this 6-7 hour cook, but this was a new experiment too) and by 7:45am it was time to put the brisket on. I added some hickory wood chunks for smoke and about a 1/2 pan of hot water. By 8:15am the Excel was around 200F and by 8:50am it was at a perfect 225F. I turned the bottom vents to about 50% and it stayed between 225F and 230F for 4 hours. Around 1pm the temp started to dip a bit, so I stirred the coals (the handles on the ProQ stackers are great!) and it quickly got back up to 230F. I basted the brisket at this time (and once earlier) for moisture. At this point, the brisket internal temp was around 165F, so I wrapped it in foil and put it back on for a while longer. Around 3pm the brisket internal temp was around 200F, so I took it off and kept it warm (inside my microwave) for a couple hours until dinner time (the lovely smoke smell was killing me!).

Around 5:20pm, I unwrapped:

and sliced it up:


and ate (sorry no pics here)

The meat was very tender and moist and overall a very successful first attempt. One thing I think I should have done was trim the fat-cap a bit, this would have provided a better smoke-ring and penetrated the meat a bit more. It didn't seem like it was as thick when it was raw, but there was definitely a good 1/4" of fat after cooking.

I was VERY impressed with how well the minion method worked and the consistency of the smoker. It was around 225/230 for around 6 hours and I'm sure I could have gotten another 2 hours from it.

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Re: New to BBQ - My First Brisket - with pics

Post  Treegje on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:33 pm

well done Very Happy
looks tasty
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