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Post  Lozart on Tue May 26, 2009 4:07 pm

Having read and inwardly digested everybodies sage advice and being faced with spectacular weather for the bank holiday (and my birthday...) I duly purchased 3 racks of ribs and a couple of turkey legs. Now, my local supermarket sells legs individually but packaged with the thigh as well, knowing I had a few friends coming over for a birthday BBQ I thought I'd smoke both the thighs for easy carving among the throng and do all three racks of ribs.

The thighs were brined overnight (1 cup of fine sea salt and 1 cup of sugar in enough water to cover both thighs) in the fridge then brought out in the morning and rinsed and allowed to come up to room temp.

My Amigo rip off was set up with three layers of cocnut briquettes unlit around the outside of the fire bowl:
Yay! Success! Image147
the gap is to allow some airflow to get under the grate.

Then a full chimney was lit:
Yay! Success! Image148
which was then dumped in the middle of the ring of unlit briquettes.

I half filled the water bowl with play sand and lined it with foil then fashioned a water tray from double thickness of foil:
Yay! Success! Image149

Here's the ribs on the top rack:
Yay! Success! Image150
and the thighs below:
Yay! Success! Image151
the keen eyed among you will spot some homegrown rosemary and thyme in the water tray too.

My wonderful wife was kind enough to get me a Maverick ET73 for my birthday then let me open it a day early so I could cook with it! Meat probe inserted and smoker probe clipped in the waiting began.

I actually had some issues with the smoker getting too hot, so I opened the door on the lower chamber to lose some heat. seemd to work well and after a while things settled down around 230-240F. Three hours in I basted the ribs with Budweiser BBQ sauce and foiled them up, back in they went for another 2 hours. Once the thighs hit 175F internal I served it up and got some of the most amazing compliments ever including "Loz, you should get a Nobel prize for these ribs" Very Happy Cool Cool Cool I guess that's all my friends converted now!

Pics of the ribs to follow when I get them off the camera!
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Yay! Success! Empty Re: Yay! Success!

Post  Mack on Tue May 26, 2009 5:58 pm

Well done Loz!
That's what it's all about, you'll be hooked for sure now.
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