Ribeye and Ice cream

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Ribeye and Ice cream

Post  Don Marco on Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:47 pm

Howdy folks...

I bought a very nice argentinian rib eye roast at our meat sponsors store in Cologne yesterday while we gave Ian a small city tour.

Cut it into a couple of steaks today and used the foodsaver to vacuum seal them .Except for one... Mack, you should´ve come with me as i told ya Twisted Evil

I basted the steak with EVOO and let it come to room temperature as i was prepping the sides.
I grilled somew romaine salad as a side dish. Just cut the salad in half, seasoned with EVOO, salt and Pepper whereever i could reach into it and stuffed some parmesan pieces between the leaves.
I also but some EVOO, goat cheese and fresh basil on a piece of bread to grill along as a side.

Used some quebracho lump charcoal from argentina as heat source and added some olive wood branches. I didnt expect too much from them but the flavour was just awesome. Gotta get my hands on some more of that stuff.

After searing the steak i let it cook indirect to about 130 F and then wrapped it in foil to rest.
That gave me the time to cook the romaine.

Put it all on a warmed plate with some chimichurri to the steak and a little more parmesan and ranch dressing to the romaine. Definately good eats, one of the best steaks i had in a long time.

After Dinner and finishing the beer it was about time to grill the dessert.
I prepared it ahead, right after cutting the beef.

Sliced a baby pineapple in half, took the "meat" out of ne half and sliced the other one into chunks. Seasoned it with confectioners sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.

Then i mixed

-1 Tabelspoon Butter
-3 "-" brown sugar
-3 "-" Jack Daniels
-1/2 fine ground chipotle chili
-and some vanilla

in a small aluminum pan and cooked it later on with the steak until it thickened up really good.

Then after the steak all i had to do was sear the pineapple pieces on the grill,
put some ice cream into the sccoped out pineapple half, add the pineapple meat and top with the Jack Daniels Chipotle sauce and some chocolate.


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