Thermometer Wire Access

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Thermometer Wire Access

Post  Uncle Jack on Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:09 pm

Hi again fellow Qers:

I have always been a little uncomfortable by pinching the wire of my meat thermometers between the lid and frame of my stackers, and found it inconvient to feed the wire through the inspection doors or lid vent. So, I decided to remedy the situation.

First thing I did was to locate a suitable location for the wire to be placed into the cooking chamber. Next I drilled a 5/32" hole in the horozontal portion of the lower lip on the lid of my cooker as near as I could to the outer dome without having a hole that could be seen with the lid in place. I then cut away the remaining material in a shallow "V" with a Dremel cut off wheel and touched up the rough edges with a small set of files. The wire may now be slid back and forth without pinching the wire when the lid is in place, and does not interfere when it is necessary to remove the lid.

I repeated this process in the lower portion of each of my cooking stacks so that I could accomodate several wires when I am cooking different items on multiple levels.

I hope you find this small modification as useful as I have, U.J.

Uncle Jack
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