Lambsteaks on the Excel

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Lambsteaks on the Excel

Post  Don Marco on Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:29 pm

Howdy folks...

Heres todays dinner :

I gave the Excel a try as a grill. Had some Lamb-T-Bones in the freezer and seasoned them with a "Lamb Seasoning" from the "Salzburg BBQ Bulls", a world champion BBQ Team with their own line of rubs. Pretty good stuff.
I added some olive oil, fresh lemon juice and fresh roasted garlic to the rub and basted it on all sides of the steaks before i let em sit in the refridgerator for a couple of hours.

Sides were grilled ciabatta with EVOO and grated parmesan, a romaine salad with a joghurt dressing and ground chipotles, grilled lemon and Zaziki.

Meanwhile i dwarfed the excel

Two charcoal dividers come with the excel for indirect grilling in "Kettle mode".

Steaks are on

Here come the sides

Closed the lid, let cook for another 5 minutes and it was time for some good eats


Don Marco
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Re: Lambsteaks on the Excel

Post  bowhnter on Mon Apr 21, 2008 6:34 pm

Zaziki (Tzatziki )...I had to go look that one up Suspect I see it's to dip the lamb in, and I like the ingedients...

I am gonna have to give the lamb another try. Looks great!
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