Excel 20 3 in 1 BBQ/ Smoker.

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Excel 20 3 in 1 BBQ/ Smoker.

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:02 am

The Excel 20, our top of the range cooker.

20 inches in diameter make this the largest water smoker available today, and as it's made from heavier gauge steel, it will outlast the rest.
Grill, roast or smoke food, you decide.
Probe thermometer eyelet fitted at each cooking level.
Fish/ meat hanger included.
65lbs cooking capacity (do up to 8 whole chickens at a time).
Accurate temperature gauge.
Modular design... increase capacity easily by adding an extra "stacker".
Use just the lid and base as a portable "kettle" BBQ, great for the beach.
Folding side handles make it easy to store, or carry.
3 air vents in the base and 1 in the lid, allow for excellent temperature control.
120cm x 50cm (diameter)

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