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Post  Flapperoon on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:56 am

Hi All,  Its been a while since I have posted anything here but I feel compelled to do so as I have taken delivery of the CyberQ by BBQ Guru.  I have used it twice now.  The first time to smoke a chicken - simple affair of circa 5 hours. Set the CyberQ up and more or less went smoothly - only error was to not get the briquettes well and truly lit before putting on my ProQ Excel 20. As it performed well over 5 hours I decided to really go for it and bought a 4.5-5kg brisket. I set my smoker up to have a nearly full pan of hot water and prepared the briquettes using the minion method - 1 x 7kg bag of weber premium briquettes used.

I set the CyberQ to keep the pit at 225F and target temp on the brisket 185F.  What was great about this was that as soon as I put the coals on and the CyberQ was running I just went to bed (i set this up at 4am) No messing about with the vents.  However I couldn't sleep as I couldn't help but keep looking at my iPhone linked into the CyberQ via WiFi - temps rose as expected and when it got to 225F the temp remained constant give or take 5F.

Anyhow - the smoke went flawlessly other than I underestimated the stall and total cook time.  One 7kg bag of briquettes would normally last me 10-12 hours - Due to the CyberQ making my smoker more efficient when my brisket was ready 17 hours later I still has useable briquettes left over in the grate.  (Mistake with this cook was that I should have foiled the brisket at around 170F - you learn).

I love the CyberQ and the fact that if I can get wifi, 3G or 4G I can look to see what my BBQ is doing and adjust as required (only thing I can't do is add more briquettes remotely).

It makes my smoking more efficient and less stressful.  I notices that as the little fan pumps air into the pit using one vent and is directed downwards that the briquettes in the grate at the opposite side of the grate to the fan burn more quickly - I occasionally moved some of the unbent briquettes from one side of the pit to the other.  I also notice that on the rare occasion that I removed the lid of the smoker that when I replaced the lid the temp corrected itself very quickly.  None of this 30 mins to get back up to speed.

Expensive bit of kit but highly recommended.

For those that have or will get the CyberQ and have difficulty setting up this is a great link

I used the PitPal 3rd party app to control initially - this I found to be a waste of money - The one to get apparently is CyberCook Mini (for iPhone) there is an iPad version too.

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