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Post  Blaq Sun on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:31 pm

Has anyone ever smoked a Picanha cut of beef? Saw it yesterday, didnt know what it was and bought it. Apparently it is called Coulette and Picanha is a brazilian term for the cut.

It has a great fat cap on it and i think it would smoke great, just not sure if i should treat it the same as brisket with regards to internal temps etc.

Am planning on scoring the fat, light seasoning and then smoking at around 225F till done.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, would appreciate it Smile

Had a quick look on the web and most people advise cutting into steaks and grilling it.



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Post  Adam on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:36 am

My feeling is that picanha is a steak cut and won't benefit from long slow cooking. It has a totally different structure to something like brisket or rib where you need the long slow heat to break the collagens down. If you want a smoke flavour to it then I would go one of two ways:

1. Cold smoke it for a few hours then sear and roast to medium rare (or whatever you fancy) in a standard oven using a probe to establish when it is done.

2. Sear it directly over coals with wood chips added and then bring it to medium rare in a standard oven as above.

I guess you could de the roasting bit in a smoker but it would be a lot of work for a result which would be achieved much easier indoors. This recipe for Toscano would adapt will for picanha:


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