Cold Smoke Generator Problem

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Cold Smoke Generator Problem

Post  Garth Finland on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:58 am


I recently purchased the proq cold smoke generator. I am not new to smoking although previously has been only hot smoking hence my eager anticipation at being able to cold smoke.
I have had on going problems with the saw dust going out after less than an hour. I have been using the fine dust sold with the product. As advised on a previous post I have tried drying the dust in the oven. I have tried at different temps ranging from 4 deg to about 20. After drying the dust didn't work I suspected it may be an air problem as I am using a small stainless steel hot smoker. Therefore i have had several attempts at lighting it not in the box. As a last resort i changed the dust to a coarser one (mixed with the finer product) i use for hot smoking. Same result. I'm getting pretty frustrated that I've bought a dog. Although everyone else seems to be loving it. Something I want to do.

Your advice would be appreciated

Garth Finland
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Re: Cold Smoke Generator Problem

Post  Mack on Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:15 am

Hi Garth,

Try Microwaving the dust for 30 seconds on High.
When you fill the CSG, press the dust down lightly, all the way round, with your finger.
Have you tried it outside your smoker, as I suspect it may be an airflow problem?

Please feel free to also email me on
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