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Posting Photo's

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2008 11:03 pm

I use PhotoBucket, however there are many other choices;

* Please use the thumbnail option to post your photos. This greatly helps folks on low bandwidth connections + keeps the forum from getting loaded up with big files.

The Basics:
I will use PhotoBucket in my example. This example assumes you already uploaded the pictures to your host. Keep that window open.

While Posting a New Topic on the Forum:
1. Go to your photobucket window.
2. Select the picture you want to include and check mark it.
3. Go to the bottom of the page and hit "Generate HTML and IMG code".
4. A new screen appears, the third box down says " IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended".
5. Click anywhere in that box, the picture thumbnail code is copied into your Windows clipboard.
6. Go back to the Forum window.
7. Place your cursor where you would like to picture to appear and then Right Click and hit Paste OR select Edit and then Paste.

A bunch of gobbleygook shows up in your post, this is HTML code (techie speak). Add you comments either above or below the code and preview your post. You will see a thumbnail picture in the preview post. When clicked, a full sized picture will apprear!

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