Hi from London, UK

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Hi from London, UK

Post  Blaq Sun on Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:08 pm

Hi everyone Smile

I am a newbie smoker who just started. A friend of mine at work got a pro Q XL and after eating at his place i was sure i had to have one.

He has been a lot of help to me with regards all the little questions i needed help with and then for everything else i posted here.

My first smoke consisted of catering for 60 people and i had a very steep learning curve. Chicken thighs & legs ... 7kgs brisket.

It went pretty well. The chicken ended up on both grills and had to be double stacked (am wondering if there is another grill i could place above each grill without needing another stacker unit) ... it took about 4 hours at 230 deg F. The brisket took about 6 hours and the first 2 hours i ramped the heat up to 300 - 310 deg F ... then dropped it down to about 250 deg F for the next 4 hours but wrapped in foil for most of that with the rest of the marinade and some BBQ sauce.

The chicken got grilled to reheat/sear and mopped with the marinade mixed wth a little BBQ sauce. Apparently it had a great smokey flavour yet also that lovely BBQ crispyness. The brisket was flavoursome and moist ... a friend of mine had come over from texas and he gave me the thumbs up, so i am happy with my first smoke.

Sadly i didnt get to eat any of it because i was away running errands when dinner was served ... lol.

Anyway i would just like to htank everyone who helped and also say that i have been reading through everyone's recipes and ideas and it really has given me so much to think about and try out.

Here is to a long and happy smoking future.

Next up ... lamb, duck and spuds Smile


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Re: Hi from London, UK

Post  Pork Chop on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:28 pm

Whaaat!? 60 people!? Shocked

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